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10 tips to find the best kindergarten for your child

10 tips to find the best kindergarten for your child

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10 tips to find the best kindergarten for your child

Kindergarten is the place where our child will spend much of his time and the place where he will make his first friends. It can define its entire attitude towards education, and choosing a good educational institution is one that must be weighed with great care.

A thousand questions come to mind when we enroll our little boy in kindergarten and it is normal to worry because it is an important change in his life. Here are 10 tips you should consider when choosing a nursery for your little one.

Find a kindergarten near your house or your service

The location of the kindergarten is an extremely important aspect because you will have to take it daily and bring your little one there. You will have to make this choice depending on the area in which you live or the area where one of you works. Sometimes, in the chase after a kindergarten as best we leave this aspect aside, but if you choose a kindergarten in an area too far from your home or work, you will lose a lot of time on the road, during which time you could do something more productive.

The kindergarten program must be consistent with your program

A kindergarten suitable for you is the one with a program that folds on the program of your service, so that you do not need to invite you daily from the office. Kindergartens currently have several program options and you will definitely find one that is right for your family.

Determine the monthly amount you reserve for kindergarten

An extremely important aspect is the tariff applied by the respective kindergarten, in case you have chosen a private institution. Calculate how much you are willing to spend each month at kindergarten and then focus your searches on the places you allow. Also, keep in mind that some kindergartens, even state kindergartens, may charge extra fees for certain courses.

Find a kindergarten depending on the inclinations of the child and the skills you want to cultivate.

It also takes into account the fact that in the last years there have been a lot of options regarding the language of teaching, alternative education programs or kindergartens with certain specializations. Choose the kindergarten according to the child's future options and why you think it would help him the most in his development.

Guide of activities suitable for children according to age

Document yourself well before you start your search

A Google search after kindergartens in your city, as well as visiting forums dedicated to choosing the kindergarten will help you a lot in finding it. It is also good to consult with neighbors, colleagues or friends who have children and ask them what kindergartens their children attend or attend. They will provide you with valuable information regarding the choice of kindergarten.

After you have a laugh on the internet and discussed with other parents, make a list of the ones you liked the most and that fit your criteria.

Go on a visit to kindergarten

This is one of the most important steps. Once you have made a list of kindergartens, contact those there and set up a visit. Don't forget to ask about the most important aspects - location, program, curricula to follow. Take the little one to visit the kindergarten, his opinion is also important.

When you visit, pay attention to every detail that could endanger your little one's health and see if there is a playground that has all the necessary amenities. Pay attention to all aspects, if it looks like a neat place and especially if it is clean. Go to the sanitary groups and ask if there is one medical office and a medical assistant that could intervene in case of need.

Pay attention to the teaching materials you see in classrooms as well as toys. Some broken toys, with missing parts, could be dangerous for children. Pay attention generally to the equipments of the kindergarten. At the same time, you must also take into account the fact that in the hours you spend in kindergarten, your little one will have a snack or, if you have chosen a kindergarten with an extended program, you will have lunch right there, so you have to know what it is used for. usually at the table. Keep in mind that the baby has a healthy diet and snacks are not snacks full of E's.

Observe children's behavior

Enter one of the classrooms and observe the children, as well as their interaction with the educator. Happy children recognize themselves immediately after the expression of the girl, after the mimicry. See if they seem to feel good, or, on the contrary, if they seem timid. Also, be careful about the number of children in a group, it should not be too large, about 20 children in the group.

Talk to the future educator of your child

A discussion with the child's future educator is absolutely necessary. Find out if you share the same views regarding education and teaching methods. It would be desirable to see it in the interaction with the little ones, to realize what kind of teacher he is, if he is too harsh with the little ones or if he is too gentle and does not emphasize discipline. A misplaced gesture or a word spoken aggressively are alarm signals and signs that you should look for another kindergarten.

Find out what extracurricular courses the kindergarten offers

If you are interested in the kindergarten there are foreign language courses, the children will acquire a new language extremely quickly and it would be beneficial if they would start studying from kindergarten. In fact, many kindergartens offer English, French or German courses. Equally important are the artistic activities, if they are organized at kindergarten courses in theater, painting, music. Do not forget about the physical activity and ask those there if the children have hours of sports included in the program.

Top foreign language centers for children

What the child says

As I advised you above, in the kindergarten visit you should also take the child with you. When you get home, ask if he liked the place you visited. Tell him that he might go there in a few months and see what he thinks about it.

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