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Natural birth, recommendations and precautions

Natural birth, recommendations and precautions

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Natural birth is, fortunately, a choice for many brave pregnant women who are willing to experience motherhood in the most natural conditions. The benefits for the mother and baby are innumerable, but it is necessary to consider the most important recommendations and precautions for an easy birth.

Future mothers have various methods for natural birth in optimal circumstances, from breathing techniques to hypnosis. The philosophies and motives that favor natural birth vary, but there are some generally valid precautions and recommendations that deserve to be adopted.

The benefits of natural birth

First of all, natural birth confers unquestionable benefits for both mother and baby. Regardless of the less enjoyable aspects of this experience, a woman's body was designed to give birth vaginally.

By and large, the baby benefits are:

the newborn is more alert and less dizzy;
the baby will manage to breast feed more easily;
APGAR score will most likely be higher;
the risk of fetal stress decreases considerably.

As for mom, the advantages are numerous here:

• the possibility of movement is high during labor;
• pain helps to raise awareness of labor;
• the probe is useless;
• immediately after birth, the mother can move freely;
• chances of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc. are very low;
• The satisfaction of natural birth is akin to the victory of an athletics marathon.

Recommendations for natural birth

From the series of the most important recommendations for natural birth, choosing a medical team capable of supporting you during the experience is the most important aspect. You will need a midwife with special skills in the care of mothers, who will avoid unnecessary medication administration and be equally convinced that vaginal birth is ideal. This way, it will handle the situation in the most efficient way possible and make you feel safe.

Equally important is the environment in which you choose to give birth, namely the hospital room or the clinic and even your own home. If you want to bring the baby home, where the chances of everything happening 100% naturally are very high, you need the help of a midwife and must have had a pregnancy free of any complication or risk.

Get ready early for work and learn various techniques to ease your experience, such as specific breathing and relaxation methods, meditation, certain movements meant to block the pain receptors in the skin, etc.

Also, you will be even happier if you benefit from the help of a close person (mother, sister, friend, etc.) who will be with you when the birth pains start. This will be able to note the contractions (their intensity and frequency) and can mass your shoulders and hips, while you focus on the evolution of the sensations. This way, you will know when to go to the hospital (as close to breaking the water), for added comfort at home.

Mental training is also essential: focus on the ultimate goal of labor and not think about the intensity of the pain, but about the joy you will feel at the first touch of your little one.

Precautions for natural birth

One of the most important precautions to consider if you choose natural birth is to avoid horror stories about tormenting or even tragic births. Surround yourself with positive messages and trust your power to give birth easily.

Do not forget the needs of your partner either: if he is relaxed, well nourished, hydrated and optimistic he will really be with you at birth.

Another mistake to avoid before natural birth is starvation. If in the case of caesarean section there is a risk associated with the consumption of food and liquids before the intervention, the vaginal birth does not deprive you of a copious mass before the big moment, which will provide you with such precious energy. In general, the natural "accidents" of the excretory function are prevented by the enema.

Finally, do not accuse yourself too harshly if you do not have the natural birth you dreamed of ardently. It is often the case that mothers prepare thoroughly for the experience, but eventually they also reach for medicines and cesarean section. You will remain with the satisfaction of a brave attempt, however, that no one will ever be able to stir you.

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