Children's Day

Children's Day

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Children's Day

After a few days sprinkled with rain and drizzle, the day came Saturday, May 26, a sunny and very beautiful day, but also loaded with many emotions, for us, the team members.


We met with our moms and friends at the entrance to the Village Museum and we went together in the magical world of the Village Museum. Our guide told us the story of each house or house we met in our way and dropped a kind of melancholy in our souls.

I admit that one of me would have liked to have the opportunity to raise my children in that environment of story recreated at the Village Museum: to run errands on the grass or through the grass, to eat fruit directly from the trees, to have among their friends most hello, the animals from the yard, in other words to live in a clean and friendly environment and to enjoy nature.

After enjoying the small tour of the museum, we stopped at the open air stage in the park of the Village Museum and had fun with the Zurli gang. A wonderful and cheerful band who enjoyed and invigorated us with their toys and songs.

In addition, we got new adults and we all became children for a few moments and we enjoyed the sun, play and innocent smiles of the little ones.

Then, we all went to a yard, reserved for us, where the children were expecting many, many gifts. I shared them and enjoyed the joy with which they opened their gifts and enjoyed each one individually. We thank them for gifts, to our friends from Uriage, Haribo Romania, Milupa and Lego.
We also thank the participating mothers, we were glad to meet those we had not met, but also to see some of the community veterans!

We can hardly wait for the next meeting!

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