Week 8 of pregnancy - the to-do list

Week 8 of pregnancy - the to-do list

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It gives you a list of things to do during pregnancy, week by week! We help you with a list of essential things to do!

- make a new pregnancy picture - you have already completed 2 months of pregnancy, the tummy is still not visible, but during this period, your baby has grown and reaches the size of a raspberry; even if you do not feel, the baby in the tummy has already started to get hands and feet; it is also the week in which the taste buds begin to develop;

- start shopping for pregnant clothes - you don't need them right now, although many of the pairs of pants or tight skirts you wore before can already be uncomfortable; you can already think of some pieces of clothing that you would like to have in the wardrobe of pregnancy; it may be time to reorganize your wardrobe with clothes and take off your light pants, tights and blouses or dresses a little more steamy, as it won't take long until you wear them;

- if you have not yet had your first prenatal visit to the obstetrician, do not delay and schedule yourself, to make sure your pregnancy is normal - in addition, it is the gestational age at which most doctors already do the first ultrasound ultrasound and check the heartbeat of the fetus (it is the overwhelming moment when you have the opportunity to hear for the first time how your baby's heart is beating); do not leave the doctor's office until you make the following appointment, which should take place around the age of 12 weeks of pregnancy (at the end of the first trimester);

- decide if you want to do the chorionic villus test in pregnancy, which is carried out between weeks 11 and 12, but for which you have to program from now on; the test has the role of detecting possible anomalies associated with chromosomal malformations (Down syndrome); is part of the optional pregnancy tests, but your doctor may talk to you about it at your first prenatal visit; the choice to do it or not remains yours;

- get ready to face new unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy - it is the period in which the round ligaments that surround, support and bind the womb (groin area) begin to stretch and become thickened; the changes have the role of preparing the uterus to cope with the weight of the fetus from late pregnancy; it is possible to experience so-called round ligament pain; do not take medicines to relieve these pains; try to relax more, stand down, put compresses with warm water on the abdomen, lie on one side with a pillow under the belly and another between the legs or raise your knees to the chest; also during this period, you can still experience a digestive discomfort manifested by cramps, bloating, constipation or gastric burns, which also appear against the background of hormonal changes, but which you cannot treat with medicines, but by natural remedies or diet adapted to your needs; ask the doctor who monitors your pregnancy to change your diet so you can combat these unpleasant effects of pregnancy.