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Week 21 of pregnancy - the list of things to do

Week 21 of pregnancy - the list of things to do

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It gives you a list of things to do during pregnancy, week by week! We help you with a list of essential things to do!

- by now, you probably already know what sex the baby is, but that doesn't mean you have to give up the habit of posing for your new belly size; the fetus now has the size of a pomegranate; the development of the digestive system takes place and it is the moment when his body begins to produce meconium (considered to be the baby's first chair);

- if you are adept at the rituals borrowed from abroad and you plan to organize a baby shower party, in the American style, it is time to plan it from now on; the best thing to do is to have it happen somewhere at the beginning of the third trimester, when the belly is not very big and it doesn't bother you; and, as such a party requires time and energy consumption, take 2-3 friends help and plan this beautiful moment;

- it's time to go back to the list of names for the child, especially since you now know what his sex is; pull out the list of opposite sex names, but don't throw it away, because you never know if you'll need it; but it is important to focus on the list with names corresponding to the sex of the child you expect and to shorten it, because soon, you are approaching the third trimester of pregnancy and you will enter the last hundred meters until birth;

- after checking the list with names, you can return to the shopping of baby clothes and furniture, because now you know in which direction to look and which models to orient yourself; you can already make the first purchases, as far as the budget allows; it is more appropriate that they be done early and gradually, in order not to completely clear the family accounts after birth;

- schedule yourself for the glucose test, which is carried out somewhere between weeks 24 and 28; some pregnant women are at risk of developing gestational diabetes, whether they have been diagnosed with the condition before or are at risk of developing it; the test involves analyzing the blood and measuring the blood glucose level after consuming a sweetened beverage;

- it is possible to face indigestion and gastric burns during this period, therefore, you must take a closer look at your diet; even if these digestive problems do not have dietary but rather hormonal causes, eating can help or, on the contrary, exacerbate the symptoms; avoid very acidic or spicy foods, do not eat late at night and consume smaller and thicker portions; to reduce gastric burns, avoid very tight clothing on the abdomen;

- continue talking and singing to the belly girl; don't forget how important these conversations are; your voice is very soothing to the little one and contributes to its harmonious development; make a habit of talking to babies, reading or humming songs of a cradle;

- sex should still be a constant activity in your program during this period, because you have less time until you get into the third trimester of pregnancy, when the belly becomes large and makes your mobility and flexibility in bed difficult; so, still enjoy tender moments with your future father; it is possible to disrupt the idea that with the growth of the fetus in the tummy, there is a risk that it will be injured during penetration; overcome this negative emotion, as your baby is well protected in the uterus, by amniotic fluid and cervical mucus; the only things you feel during intercourse are the accelerated beats of your heart.