Natural remedies for acne, pimples, fistulas and furunculosis

Natural remedies for acne, pimples, fistulas and furunculosis

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Natural remedies for acne, pimples, fistula or furunculosis are often more effective than the drug treatments recommended in their case. In addition, natural treatments do not contain chemicals that can harm the body and attract other health benefits. Here are some of the most effective natural remedies for treating the most common skin conditions!

Natural remedies for acne and pimples

Acne is a skin disease characterized by the appearance of pimples and blackheads. Although it appears most commonly on the face, acne can also manifest on the neck, back, chest area or shoulders.

Baskets are small, reddish, purulent blisters that appear as a result of inflammation of the sebaceous glands. But if you have pimples, it doesn't necessarily mean you have acne. When you suffer from acne, pimples are the main symptom of the condition.

Natural remedies for acne are just as useful when treating pimples. They include herbal treatments or foods with natural antiseptic or antimicrobial effect. They speed up the healing of the acne pimples and give the skin a healthy appearance:

  • clay (clay powder mask) - in severe cases of acne, make a series of daily masks, for 7 days, then disappear, once a week);
  • gel with aloe vera or masks from this plant;
  • mask with chamomile tea, green tea (you can wash and clean your skin daily with these herbal teas, because they have a strong antiseptic and antimicrobial effect);
  • mask with honey, twice a week;
  • lemon (applying drops of lemon juice directly to the baskets);
  • mustard (local application, directly on baskets);
  • massage the skin with lavender oil or tea tree;
  • weekly mask with egg whites, mixed with lemon juice.

Natural remedies for furunculosis

Furunculosis is a skin disease that is characterized by the occurrence of one or more boils simultaneously. Furunculul is a staphylococcal infection characterized by purulent inflammation of the hair root. It is a kind of abscess, in the form of a large bump, full of pus.

But until the accumulation of purulent secretions, the boil is, in the first phase, only a leveling of the skin, which often manifests through local pain or itching. Then it blushes and a white spot appears in the middle of the abscess, which subsequently accumulates pus. At one point it erupts and the pus must be completely drained to prevent re-infection.

Among the most useful natural remedies against boar are:

  • oregano oil (can be used both internally and externally; it has natural antimicrobial effect);
  • Noni syrup (administered both internally and externally, by applying compresses imbibed in it);
  • compresses with infusion or decoction of the great tongue or the root of the broth;
  • local application with paste of crushed walnuts, figs, patlagina or scraped cabbage leaves;
  • extract of black currant buds;
  • local applications with infusion of shock flowers.

Natural remedies for fistula

The fistula is a congenital, artificial or pathological canal that suffers from an abscess or surgery. It is a deep ulceration in a tissue of the body. There are several types of fistulas: anal, perianal, bladder-vaginal. The most common are the anal or perianal ones.

Among the most effective herbal remedies that contribute to the healing of fistulas are:

  • the internal administration of a teaspoon or daily spoons of Swedish bitter, placed in chamomile tea (Swedish bitter can be applied also externally, locally);
  • daily consumption of three cups of nettle tea;
  • local washes with infusion made from horse-tail and wolf-apple;
  • infusions, decoctions and teas from chamomile and teal, yellow;
  • tamponade with blueberry decoction; it is applied in the evening, before bedtime and left overnight.

Do you know any other remedies against acne, pimples, fistulas or boils? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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