Museum Night 2012 at the Antipa Museum

Museum Night 2012 at the Antipa Museum

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The National Museum of Natural History "Grigore Antipa" celebrates Night of Museums (May 19) in a unique way, over two days.
Friday, May 18, program "Deinotherium ligands" waiting for the children who can stay without parents to visit the Museum at night and ... sleep in the Deinotherium Hall. In the morning, we will say what I dreamed, at a cup of cocoa with milk and a fresh croissant.
Saturday, May 19th, the permanent exhibition can be visited between hours 18.00-01.00, FREE OF CHARGE (visitor access is allowed only until 00.00).

The public access to the exhibition will be done in groups of 20 people from 15 in 15 minutes.

The visit will be full of surprises. Because in Antipa, nature meets technology, visitors will have, for the first time in a museum in Romania, thanks to Orange, one of the most spectacular technologies: Augmented Reality. Through it, visitors will be able to see the two fossil elephants in 3D: Mammut americanum and Deinotherium gigantissimum and will be able to interact with them.

Also on the night of May 19th, the origami exhibition "Creations and Creatures from paper", realized by the Association of Origami Romania (ADOR), will open and the program "La Antipa, behind closed doors" brings a new conference for parents and children : "Turtle mites - Microscopic creatures from the soil", presentation supported by our specialist in the study of Uropodids - Dr. Cristina Constantinescu.

From hour to hour, starting at 20.00, we wait for you in the Museum's garden, for activities of entomological (insect) collection at night and the interception of ultrasounds emitted by bats, and then, we will conclude the evening with the launch of lamps in front of the Museum, sending two messages to heaven: "Antipa Museum does not look easy" and I urge DaVinci Learning towards you all "Stay curious!".

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