Hang Around - percussion show and new media

Hang Around - percussion show and new media

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On June 10, 2012, at 4 pm, the foyer of the National Opera Theater "Ion Dacian" will host the percussion, new media and hang "HANG Around", organized by the UMA ED Romania Association and supported by twenty students from pre-university education. , accompanied to the hang (percussion musical instrument) by Francesco Agnello, one of the most appreciated European composers and percussionists.

The show will combine elements of video projection, filming and live editing, with the rhythm of percussion instruments.

  • When? June 10, 2012, 4pm
  • Where? The foyer of the National Opera Theater "Ion Dacian"
  • How? Admission to the event is free, within the available places.

The participants in the "HANG Around" project are preparing the show in a workshop held at the National Opera House "Ion Dacian" in June 1-10, 2012. The twenty young people explored the possibilities of sound interaction with the image, through percussion, hang and new media and tried different instruments - darbuka, hand drums, bongos, maracas, unconventional instruments, thus discovering the musicality and possibilities of percussion.
The workshop is coordinated by Francesco Agnello (France), Alexandru Buzea and Tudor D. Popescu - for the rhythm, percussion and hang - and for Goran Mihailov, Ion Cotenescu and Sorin Baican - for the interactive / new media part.
Francesco Agnello works in the theatrical field, with directors such as Eugenio Barba and his company "Odin Teatret", Pippo Delbono and Peter Brook. In parallel, he developed a percussion educational program in Paris, followed by more than 900,000 students. Hang the, the instrument that Francesco Agnello will sing in the "HANG Around" event, is a musical instrument of the 21st century, with a revolutionary sound quality.
The UMA ED Romania Association is a non-profit association of audiovisual education and communication through art, which develops at national level the first pre-university education program by audiovisual means, addressed to socially disadvantaged students or belonging to cultural minorities.
The "HANG Around" project is funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration.

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