Demi Moore did

Demi Moore did

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Demi Moore has spent a real fortune to show that 20 years ago, in a desperate attempt to relaunch her artistic career, but also to be at the height of the 28 years her "toyboy" has. ", meanwhile become his husband.
Despite the fact that the transformation was worth all the money, Demi, 43, still has something to adjust. Now, after finding a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in removing the flabby skin from the knee area, Demi looks again at the top ten. In addition to the $ 10,000 paid for this latest surgery, Demi has so far spent about $ 550,000 on cosmetic surgery.
Below we present a part of the exact amounts paid by the actress in her attempt to show that at 20 years: liposuction - 32.

$ 000; breast implant for the 1996 Striptease movie - $ 22,000; subsequent operations to reduce the implant and to raise the breasts - $ 19,000; face lift - $ 7500; chemical peeling for facial skin - $ 20,000; dental interventions and laser teeth whitening - $ 12,400; a long-term diet, nutritionist, personal fitness instructor, yoga and kickboxing instructor - 165,000.
Source: Day
November 10, 2006