4 of the most common breastfeeding problems and the solutions to solve them

4 of the most common breastfeeding problems and the solutions to solve them

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Proper feeding of the baby is a permanent concern for new parents and often puts them in difficulty. Milk is the staple food of a child's diet, but choosing the right formula to feed the baby is quite difficult, especially when there are various problems of breastfeeding or tolerance of the baby.

The premature birth, start of service or lactose intolerance of the baby causes many mothers to resort to milk formulas. However, the concern about the health of the child appears in the right way.

Does he get all the nutrients he needs, is milk powder safe for him? However, you should know that breast milk, like the one you find here, is specifically designed to replace the maternal milk and contains all the necessary nutrients, probiotics and vitamins, to provide the babies with a proper diet. Including when the child is allergic to milk or lactose intolerant.

Whether it was a problem or it was simply your personal choice, and your child is not breast-fed, milk powder is an option that does not give the baby the nutrients it needs for an iron health.

Choose breeding milk suitable for you and your child by asking for help from your pediatrician. Depending on the needs of the baby, the formula is different. In a way, a child born prematurely and completely different from a baby with a milk allergy is nourished.

4 common causes of breastfeeding problems

Each baby is unique, so the causes of the problems differ from case to case. But there are solutions to solve them. Here are 4 of these and ways to treat them.

Fatigue and stress

There are rare cases in which mothers want to breastfeed their children, but they do not produce milk. Fatigue is one of the main causes of lactation problems. And what fresh mom is not tired? Stress and anxiety, problems that mothers often face in the first months after birth, are also among the causes of breastfeeding problems.

Here comes the help of the partner who can give the mother a few moments of relaxation and a little break from the parental duties, precisely for her body to recover and to produce milk.

Pain in the nipple

Another common problem is the pain or itching in the breast. Many mothers face this and often suffer in silence. Breastfeeding should not be painful, and when there is increased discomfort, often the cause is the baby's poor grip of the breast.

A discussion with a lactation counselor or a pediatrician can help you position the baby correctly so as to minimize discomfort. Also, various emollient herbal creams will help to relieve pain.

Intolerance or allergy

Another increasingly common reason that causes mothers to choose milk powder to the detriment of breast milk is lactose intolerance or milk allergy. World Health Organization statistics show that by 2050 half of the global population will suffer from an allergy and it is not uncommon for babies to have a milk allergy. In these cases the use of a growth formula specially created for this problem is imperative for the health of the little one.

Some allergies pass over time, while others remain lifelong. If you notice an unusual reaction of the child after eating, consider a consultation with an allergist.

Insufficient milk

Breastfeeding works according to the supply and demand system, so that your body will adjust according to how much "baby" it consumes. If you come to the conclusion that you do not have enough milk, formula supplements are a good solution. At the same time, a balanced feeding of the mother and the observance of fixed meal times for the baby can help to solve this problem.

Breastfeeding and guilt

Regardless of why they gave up breastfeeding, we can't deny that many mothers feel guilty for the decision they've made. "I can't breastfeed, which means I'm not a good enough mother for my baby." is one of the worries that moms have.

If you have such thoughts, you should know that modern powdered milk will give your child all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and strong. Every mother wants everything that is best for her child, so everyone around her knows for sure that you have made the best choice for your child.

Finally, when talking about baby nutrition, there are no right or wrong formulas. The way the child reacts, his appetite, your health, your lifestyle are things that individualize your family and involve finding the best formula for you, not necessarily a universal one.

Have you experienced any of these lactation problems? What was the best solution for you and your family in terms of baby nutrition? Write us in the comment section below!

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