From the secrets of culinary art

From the secrets of culinary art

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A good housewife should know that:

A good housewife should know that:
1. the tear can be avoided when cleaning the onion by first cutting the carrot with the same knife or by wiping the knife blade with fresh bread or by sprinkling the onion with vinegar.
2. before cutting the greens on the wood chopper, it will fade so that the wood swells, not absorbing the juice full of vitamins.
3. it is possible to avoid "catching" the milk from the bottom of the pot during boiling, by previously greasing the pot with cold water.
4. cloudy soup is clarified by adding a few well-washed eggshells when ready.
5. The mushrooms remain white after their preparation, if they drip on them, immediately after they have been cleaned and washed, lemon juice.
6. Cut mayonnaise is repaired by adding a tablespoon of boiled water over a small amount of cut mayonnaise, which gradually incorporates the rest of mayonnaise.
7. the slices, the fish or the slices, usually fried in thicker pieces, are prepared in a smaller fire to avoid the inside, of a raw area, lacking in heat.
8. to avoid the fall of the bluish and therefore unsuccessful for a breath, adding the quantity of the blue to the cold composition is done gradually.
9. The soups are cooked at a temperature that will gradually increase after the first 10 minutes, avoiding opening the oven during baking.
10. The spread of the smell of cabbage in the kitchen is attenuated, if you place a piece of bread soaked in wine on the lid of the pan.
11. the quantity of sweetness prepared once is fortunate does not exceed 2 kg.
12. The sweet fruit fruit is boiled over a high heat and the fleshy, whole fruit, at a slower heat, maintaining the same temperature during boiling.
13. The most important phases of the preparation of sweets are determined by the binding of the syrup which is "slightly tied" when the first small and uniform bubbles appear on the surface; it is "bound" when it boils down, hard; it is "very tied" when the drops of syrup poured into cold water, harden as the beads.
14. The sweetened sweets are restored to consistency if the jar is inserted in a water vessel whose temperature increases gradually.
15. Holding the hot knife check is avoided if the knife blade is immersed in hot water.
16. Kneading the cake with cream is avoided if the knife blade is inserted in cold water before slicing.
17. Vanilla can be used with economy, cutting the stick in small pieces and keeping it in a little alcohol, in a bottle.
18. The sliced ​​lemon can be kept on a plate covered with a cup.
19. To avoid the agglomeration and dampening of salt, a few grains of rice are introduced into the solnite.
20. The fruit stains on the fingers are cleaned with vinegar.
21. The juice stains on the hands are removed using a mixture of starch powder and glycerin.
Dominique Ioana Lazar
November 2005