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Astronomy Workshop for children (8-13 years old), School of arts and manners

Astronomy Workshop for children (8-13 years old), School of arts and manners

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Astronomy, like plastic arts or literature, can provoke the creative act by moving the imagination and curiosity of young people.

During the four meetings of this workshop, astronomy enthusiasts and those curious to explore the starry night sky will travel millions of light years, starting from Earth and stopping in the most distant galaxies of the Universe.

The fourth workshop of the astronomy course will be held at the Astronomical Observatory "Admiral Vasile Urseanu" where the children will make their own astronomical observations under the guidance of Adrian Sonka, the course reader and the observer coordinator.

Reader: Adrian Sonka
Start date: September 19, 2012
Course time: 6:30 pm
Number of workshops: 4
Frequency: weekly, Wednesdays
Type: Theoretical
Minimum age: 8 years
Maximum Age: 13 years
Cost: 160 RON
Low cost (loyalty card): 150 RON (loyalty card)
Location: School of arts and manners / Stefan Mihaileanu 28B, ap 2, mezzanine - vis-a-vis the Popa Soare Church
Maximum number of persons: 15

Workshop 1

Day and night sky observation:
the color of the sky;
the astronomical objects seen in the sky;
night sky:
the stars;
artificial satellites;
astronomical phenomena:
falling stars;
eclipses of Sun and Moon;

Workshop 2

Visual guide to the Universe with images taken by the largest telescopes
distant in the Universe;
stars - birth, life, death;
stellar agglomerations;
galaxies, clusters of galaxies;

Workshop 3

Virtual journey through the Universe using a planetarium program
travel through the Solar System;
such as living on other planets;
the neighbors of the Sun - the stars;
Galaxy - our city;
The universe;

Workshop 4 - practical session (day or night)

astronomical observations

Source: School of Arts and Crafts

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