Quality night sleep for the little one. Expert advice

Quality night sleep for the little one. Expert advice

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Psychologist Cristiana Haica, expert Pampers

For the little one to benefit from a restful sleep during the night, the environment must be on one side quiet and noise-free, and on the other hand known (the same bed). The bedtime program must respect the same rules every night: without light or a very dim wake-up light, temperature below 23-24 degrees, 40-70% humidity, absence of TV and telephone, a well-ventilated room, regardless of the season .

The environment in which the child lives must be one without conflict, and the mother's voice to tell the story for the children in the evening, to sing a song or to talk to the baby before sleep, to calm him and to confirm the love with which he is surrounded.

The sleeping ritual

I advise parents to encourage the use of the transition object (crib, plush toy) and to create their own little sleep ritual. It is extremely important to calm the parents when "separating" from the little one for sleep.

As long as the baby spends sufficient time and quality with the parents during the day, he will accept the separation of parents during the night. The child must sleep alone in his crib, where he must be awake, not asleep. The bed will have clean sheets, well stretched and without toys (except for the transition object).

To avoid

Watching TV, over-stimulating games or computer games, a disorganized environment (with a change of home, room or bed, carers or family conflicts), excess of sound, bright, motor stimuli before bed or in bed prevents sleepiness and can have negative effects on the little one.

A quiet sleep for the little one means a harmonious atmosphere for the whole family

When a healthy child sleeps peacefully, his parents are also rested, and the family atmosphere will be a harmonious one. But when the child cries, he wakes up or screams at night repeatedly, by this he tends to create a family atmosphere. Parents become tired, more irritable and have a low tolerance for frustration, which accentuates the tensions also in the relationship with the child, creating a vicious circle - the charged atmosphere is not likely to reassure the child. So the effects are not only on the child, but also on his family.

Sleep disorders of the little one have extremely negative effects over time

Sleep disorders in children have extremely negative effects in the short, medium and long term: delays in physical and cognitive development and thus the inability of the child to reach his or her real potential, decreased ability to concentrate, decreased memory capacity, increased irritability, decreased immunity, hormonal imbalances.

Dream mornings begin after a night without moisture

Because he knows how important sleep is in the development of infants, Pampers has created the new Pampers Active Baby, which offers up to 12 hours of moisture protection at night.

The new Pampers Active Baby diapers absorb more fluid, absorb moisture faster, giving your baby a truly restful sleep. Due to its high absorption capacity, the new layer of Pampers Active Baby reactivates quickly, being able to absorb a new amount of fluid, even after a few hours after first use.

In addition to the extra absorbent layer for the sleep period, Pampers Active Baby also comes with:

  • elastic side straps that stretch or contract depending on the baby's movements, for a firm and at the same time flexible attachment;
  • soft material such as cotton that allows the skin to breathe;
  • anatomical fit, ensuring unbeatable protection against friction;
  • protective lotion from aloe vera.

Don't forget the Pampers Baby Fresh wet towels, for a sensation of freshness as after the bath, anywhere, anytime!

For information on developing and caring for your little one, go to or the Facebook page Lumea.mamicilor- Ask the experts. Pediatrician Roxana Rusu Pusca and psychologist Cristiana Haica are always waiting for you with advice for you and your angel.

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