Let the kids explore! They need to try and make mistakes

Let the kids explore! They need to try and make mistakes

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Everywhere we hear about that little ones are no longer as they once were. Everything is fast, evolution is in process, everything changes and takes other forms. On the one hand, it bothers us when we think of our childhood. There were no tablets, there were shops full of sweets and games, there was a lot of freedom. On the other hand, now there is information and we can offer them a better life. Children don't grow up with fear anymore, they don't do things with their heads left. They are braver, more sociable, they can make decisions.

Recent studies show that beating is NOT broken from heaven, punishment and fear have nothing to do with raising a child, and words like "NO" or "NOT allowed" should remain strictly for very dangerous things. Unconditional love, understanding, gentle setting of boundaries is the key to successful parenting today.

We read all kinds of articles and it is easy to make plans and set goals, but when we are in front of it, we react as our parents did with us or as the momentum is. But what do we want in the long term? We want strong, courageous, responsible and decisive children, right? We need to educate ourselves first, and then understand that a good start will help them in their lives.

Children need to explore. I think if we understand that, everything gets simpler.

Even though babies are small and seem insecure, they need to see the world from birth. In fact in the first three years of life their brain develops at a very alert pace. Anything new I see, feel, touch, helps them develop. There is also a stage in which any object reaches the mouth. They are not hungry, so explore them! If from the beginning you intend to be a relaxed parent and you even succeed, you will be easier to go through later.

A baby wearing gloves in the first days will start to move differently when the gloves are removed and he is left feeling.

When they grow up a bit and start moving around the house, parents tend to put them back on the carpet, to keep them away from thresholds, corners, walls. But they need it to learn new textures, to know the obstacles, to learn to bypass and to walk. Anything learned early helps them. Buy a pair of leggings if you really feel cold on the floor and let the child explore!

Later they will learn to walk on their feet. They will fall down sometimes and they will probably cry. Be near your child, show him that you understand him and you are with him, but it does not make a tragedy out of an accident. The height from which it falls to one year and something and the weight is much smaller than to three years. Think of it as being three years out of your hand and sometimes it will not hear you when you say "be careful". You better let him learn to fall early, he'll catch them!

Each stage comes with many worries from parents. The more the child grows, the greater the stress. We cannot keep them from all evil, we cannot protect them, so it is best to teach them how to handle them. There will be times when your child will taste the stones outside or the toilet brush, break something or be frustrated that a child has not offered him his toy. Yes, these things are part of life and every mistake is a learning opportunity.

Explain what went wrong, guide him, show him, but let him explore!

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