The most popular models of leather boots in 2016-2017

The most popular models of leather boots in 2016-2017

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According to the big fashion houses, this autumn-winter season, the emphasis is on uniqueness, comfort and extravagance. The vibrant colors, the unique and original models impressed the audience, and inspired other creators to experiment with beautiful textures and combinations, meant for the modern, bold and stylish woman. Trends from previous years combine with contemporary elements, which leads to the appearance of models of shoes, boots and ladies' boots, which include decades of fashion in a single product.

On the Romanian market, not long ago, a new brand appeared, whose creations rose to the rank of art. Joyas, because he is talking about it, is a Romanian brand, which started shy in 2016, but which managed to impress the ladies and ladies through the footwear articles that are characterized by refinement, quality and comfort. Created entirely manually, from fine materials, of the highest quality, the Joyas brand products have gradually managed to conquer the eyes and hearts of women through special textures, bright colors and elegant design.

During this season, Joyas has created a new collection for 2016-2017, consisting of boots, boots and ladies' boots, perfect for both elegant and comfortable and practical outfits. Inspired by the famous shoe designers, Joyas has managed to create models of leather boots with a special beauty and charm, which have become favorites this season. Following the trends in Milan, Paris and New York, Joyas creations have the ability to bring a style note to the outfits you adopt, being original and spectacular thanks to the bright colors or the soft and exotic textures.

Perfect for women who want a touch of style and extravagance in casual chic outfits, the Glitter ladies' boots have managed to place in the top of the most preferred ladies leather boots. Handmade, made of natural leather of the highest quality, over which a layer of glitter was added, these short boots with a low sole give the shine and uniqueness to your outfits, impressing with the precious accents and refined finishes.

Are you a lighter and practical style? Well, then Daisy's short boots are exactly what you want. Made of natural leather with croco effect, they manage to combine pragmatism with versatility, being the best choice for the moments when you want a pair of ladies' boots, leather, low sole, but with a note of creativity, acquired through use of the croco effect on the entire surface of the boots. In shades of red or deep black, Daisy's women's boots are a true inspiration for flawless outfits.

Women who prefer a feminine and elegant image will love the short heels, the Joyas brand. A special model, the Arianna ladies' boots, made of the best quality leather, comb the delicate accents of the velvety texture with special shades of black, beige or beige. The fringes placed on the side ensure a unique and vaporous design, and the thick frame highlights the shape of your feet, being perfect for office outfits, elegant and delicate.

Discover the most popular models of leather boots and boots, by Joyas, and spend gracefully every day. Be bright at any time with the Joyas ladies' sneakers collection, 2016- 2017!

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