Aggression in schools

Aggression in schools

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- Juvenile delinquency and aggression in schools. What tips and what factors should be involved?


Because these situations are increasingly difficult to manage in schools, teachers should be trained on how to approach conflict and violence in school.
At counseling times, students should be helped to express their emotions, to experience different communication possibilities to facilitate conflict understanding processes. They must learn how to express their anger not through physical or verbal violence, but through other methods that will not produce harm to others. Students need to learn those skills that allow them to manage conflict situations effectively: how to respond to insults or insults, how to react to threats or even to blows, how to stay calm in stressful situations, but above all they have to learn how to control their impulses.
Of course, all that I have described are complex activities that require the specialized support of a psychologist, but in order for results to appear, parents and students and teachers must be involved.
Diana Paula Stoian,
Specialist in Child Psychology
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