The optimal number of portions of fruits and vegetables recommended for daily consumption, known by only 17% of mothers

The optimal number of portions of fruits and vegetables recommended for daily consumption, known by only 17% of mothers

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Fruits and vegetables are important elements of proper nutrition. Nutrition experts recommend the consumption of at least 400 g of fruits and vegetables, divided into 5 servings, every day. Research conducted in Romania before launching the campaign "5 servings of vegetables, fruits or fruit juice" showed that only 3% of interviewed mothers consume fruit 5 times a day or more, and 2% of them vegetables.

Information and education

Prior to the start of the campaign, the organizers asked to conduct awareness tests on the consumption of fruits and vegetables among mothers with children aged 3-10 years. Research has shown that only 17% of the interviewed mothers heard that vegetables and fruits should be consumed 5 times a day, but 88% of them agree with the assertion that fruits and vegetables are the basis of a proper lifestyle.

The result of these studies shows the need for an education of the general public regarding the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Thus, an important aspect of this program is the consolidation of the knowledge related to fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins, minerals and food fibers, so that they are not omitted in the diet, as they are irreplaceable for the good functioning and development of the organism.

"In Romania, nutrition education is almost non-existent. From my findings, but also from population studies, fruit and vegetable consumption is deficient in Romania, especially due to poor information on the benefits of fruits and vegetables. it would bring our health. It is important for Romanians to understand these aspects and be motivated to change their diet, reaching a consumption of 400 g of fruits and vegetables, in 5 servings, every day, "says Dr. Serban Damian , specialist in nutrition and sports doctor.

The benefits of the 5 portions

A complete, balanced and diversified diet provides the body with all the necessary nutrients. Such a regime includes regular consumption of fruits and vegetables and contributes to maintaining health.

In order to respect a balanced diet, nutrition experts recommend consuming at least 400 g of fruits and vegetables divided into at least 5 servings daily. A serving means a fruit or vegetable of medium size, respectively a few smaller.

We can serve such a portion for breakfast, like dessert, lunch or dinner. It is recommended to keep in mind that there should be a balance in eating vegetables and fruits - at least 3 servings of vegetables and two servings of fruits.

The consumption of vegetables and fruits is a natural and efficient way of supplementing the need for vitamins and minerals, and the 5 portions ensure an adequate amount of fiber to the body.

Food based on vegetables and fruits - not to be replaced!

Because children usually do not like vegetables and fruits, the important role of parents is to persuade small children to eat vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. What do young mothers do to accomplish this task?

"When it comes to nutrition, fruits and vegetables come first, both for me and my family. I eat fruits and vegetables in their natural form. My daughter, Sofia, is no exception to the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables. , and to convince her I don't have to use any trick. Ever since I made a diversification of nutrition, she had vegetables and fruits in the daily menu and now she is used to it. I start the day with sports, around two hours and half a day. During the day, I eat many fruits and vegetables that I like. Sofia, my daughter, snacks fruit and vegetables between meals and as a dessert, "says well-known artist Dana Nalbaru.

At the same time, Corina confesses: "For us there is no breakfast without fresh fruit. I think they not only make us healthy, but they also make us happy the day. I eat fruits and vegetables several times a day - every time I want to I have a snack, I prefer to roast an apple or a carrot. They have a special flavor, and the thought that it helps my body, from the skin to the whole immune system, makes me have a serious "relationship" with these foods. Robin, My son eats fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day as snacks between meals. I learned that fresh fruits and vegetables make him happier so he eats them with appetite, and I take care that every time he plays, I remember the last fruit I ate. "

The president of the initiating company, the National Union of Juice Producers (KUPS), Julian Pawlak emphasizes and draws attention to what is important in carrying out such a campaign and the motivation of the National Union of Juice Producers to initiate it.

"KUPS has been involved for many years in promoting information on the beneficial properties of vegetables and fruits for human health. This campaign is one of our most important educational - informational projects and we enjoy the breadth it achieves, as well as the remarkable effects under it. form of raising awareness among the public after the first edition, held in Poland. We look with responsibility at what we have achieved so far and we also plan the following actions because education is a long and delicate process. Together with our partners - European Commission , The Agricultural Market Agency of Poland, as well as the Fund for the Promotion of Fruits and Vegetables, institutions that co-finance this program consistently and on a larger scale, we will promote a healthy diet based on the daily consumption of 5 servings of vegetables and fruits " , declares Julian Pawlak, President of KUPS.