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You know immediately when the child has a fever

You know immediately when the child has a fever

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One of the moments of maximum alert is when the little one has a fever. Although you have read about it and received a lot of tips, you cannot be quiet when the little one is crying and the thermometer shows worrying values. It is well known that fever is not a disease in itself, but a signal that the body has contacted an infection and is now fighting it. However, we must keep the fever under control and fight it if the values ​​are too high.

When should we have a fever?

Until recently, the treatment of a disease accompanied by fever began only on the basis of the number of degrees shown by the thermometer, but the specialists found that the general health of the child is of great importance. Thus, if the temperature is below 38.9 ° C, fever in children does not require treatment unless they have a bad condition. It is advisable to call a doctor or go immediately to the Emergency if the baby under 3 months has a rectal temperature of 38 ° C or higher.

Fever in infants can prevent a very serious infection, and at such young ages it is advisable to call the doctor and present in detail the condition of the small patient. Most often, with the help of professional advice, you can treat the fever of the child at home (for example, for children between 3 months and 3 years old who have a temperature below 39 ° C). If the fever has risen above 39 ° C, call the doctor to see if a medical appointment is necessary.

In all cases, be sure to present to the doctor all the symptoms of the child because any detail can be important in the treatment: when the fever was installed and how it evolved, with whom the child came in contact, what is his general health, what fever reduction measures you have taken by then.

How to easily measure the temperature of the baby

When the little one has a fever, he cries, is agitated and nothing can calm him, it is quite difficult to keep him still and to measure his temperature with the usual thermometer. In addition, you do not measure once, but you must constantly monitor the evolution of fever; Therefore, it is good to have a special thermometer for children in the house, which can measure quickly, without creating discomfort for the little one.

The innovation of recent years is infrared thermometer, which measures the temperature by scanning, instantly (in 1 - 3 seconds), with maximum accuracy. Thermoval duo scan is an infrared thermometer that measures temperature by two methods: ear and forehead. Measurement in the ear is based on the detection of infrared waves emitted at the eardrum level, while on the forehead the radiation emitted at the surface of the skin, near the temples, is measured.

Where is it better to measure: on the forehead or in the ear?

Temperature measurement on the forehead is the most convenient and least invasive measurement method. The infrared technology of the Thermoval duo scan thermometer allows detection of values ​​in just 3 seconds, during which time the forehead is scanned starting from the middle of it, towards the temple. Compared to ear measurement, this method is recommended especially for infants up to 6 months of age, along with intrarectal measurement.

To be sure you get accurate values, it is best to measure temperature in the ear. This method is most suitable if you want to find the values ​​closest to the internal temperature of the body. Specifically, by measuring the temperature with Thermoval duo scan in the ear, you get similar values ​​of rectal measurement (with a digital thermometer), without its disadvantages. Thus, the baby is not in any way disturbed, and you do not have to worry about a cumbersome measurement. With Thermoval duo scan it takes 1 second to measure the baby's temperature in the ear!

What do you do if the measured value does not seem right to you?

The temperature at the forehead can be influenced by a number of external factors (room temperature, perspiration, traces of cosmetics, etc.), so it is possible to detect differences in values ​​between this method and the measurement in the ear. If the difference is large, measure it at ear level and consider this value. In addition, it is advisable to wait at least 30 minutes before measuring when you come outside, on a chilly day.

When measuring the temperature in the ear, we are tempted to check it in both ears for added safety. In general, there is no big difference, but the temperature can vary slightly due to several causes: small wax plugs, anatomical features, position of the thermometer tip during measurement, overheating of the ear (for example, during sleep). If the little one slept away, the temperature in that ear increased; In this case it is good to wait 5 minutes after the child has awakened and then measure the temperature.

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