9 things that only a full-time working mom knows

9 things that only a full-time working mom knows

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Maternity leave, according to the law, lasts no more than two years. But many mothers choose to return to work earlier, the main reason being the financial one. But working full time, keeping the house tidy, taking care of the child's education are tasks that overwhelm even the most powerful woman.

Getting back to work after you are born is a difficult choice to make. It is not an easy decision, the more you know that you will be continually ground by worries, you will always be thinking about your little one at home, in the care of your grandparents or a granddaughter. However, it is possible that the key is to be very organized, to find a balance between work and time offered to the child. To be prepared for what follows this decision, I gathered some of the experiences of mothers who chose to return to work full time.

Here's what you might be facing:

1. You will feel the judgment

Aunts, friends, but other mothers could judge you for your choice. They will say about you that you chose a career for the child, that you are more interested in money than the good of the little one. All this is terribly missed, because you know very well what the reality is. None of those who talk to you in the back know the circumstances that underpinned the decision to work full time. Maybe you just can't afford to stay home, based on the state allowance. Or maybe your boss didn't agree to give you the opportunity to work part time. Or maybe the area in which you activated before giving birth is an extremely dynamic one, and a pause too long would get you out of your way and it would be much harder for you to recover if you didn't return to work as soon as possible.

But whatever the reason, you must know that no one has the right to judge you. Because you love your baby just like any other mother and you strive to give her the best.

2. You will feel like a master of the organization of time

Who will know better than you how to organize their time minute by minute? To squeeze everything you can out of every second? You wake up when the sun has not risen, prepare the breakfast for children, possibly the packages for kindergarten or school, the clothes, get dressed quickly, like the army and make up for the flight, while with one eye check the email. At work you stand as a barber, with all this, no one can complain about your efficiency. Because you have acquired an excellent sense of exploiting the time available and you are able to finish your tasks just before the end of the program.

3. You will feel guilty

A series of resentments will arise in you when it comes to the time spent with your child. Obviously you will miss some important moments. If you are still small, you may not be present when taking the first step or late to the first day of kindergarten. There are times when you will regret the decision made, you must be prepared for these moments.

4. You will live in fear that you will not educate your child properly

Success at work cannot compensate for the frustration that separates you from your child. The fact that most of the day you are gone and that you are no longer so close to him to guide him, to correct him when he is wrong may seem to lead to errors in his education. You don't have to panic. So you will only make mistakes. With calmness and patience you will manage to take good care of the little one's education, without feeling that you are losing control.

5. You will want to be able to teleport

You will get used to the eight hours spent at work, but when it comes to time spent in traffic, on the way to and from the office you will want to have the power to teleport, to get home faster, to your child. Even if it is only half an hour spent on the route home, it will seem like an eternity to you.

6. You cannot survive without the "help team"

Behind each mother with full-time service is a whole support team. It's about a real army specially trained: grandparents, aunts, sisters, grandparents. You are not alone in the world and that is precisely why you have every chance to succeed in the mission you have undertaken. This group of people available to help you will realize that he is your best ally. Without them you would not face.

7. You will know how to take advantage of every moment

The time you spend with your family is short, but you will gain the ability to turn it into quality time. You will make the most of the hours spent with your husband and your child. One of the benefits of being busy during the week is that the weekend becomes holy. There will be no more Saturdays or Sundays where you will not leave the house, in the park, at the playgrounds, at the zoo, at the cinema. Weekly shopping and cleaning will come second.

8. You will feel full of power

Your work day does not end after the end of the program at work. After you set the 8 hours in the office, you start your full-time mother's program. Basically, you switch from a demanding service to one and more and, where you have to shop, do food, clean, wash, iron, read stories and so on. And always stay with the smile on your lips. No wonder you will become addicted to caffeine.

9. You will be glad you put your mind to the contribution

It is great to stay with your child all day, but at one point you feel that you are beginning to think deeply. And, after all, there is nothing very clever in songs like "Elephant Cici" or in animal drawings with "Peppa Pig". But when you go to work, you remember that you have a brain and that the years of study were not in vain. Self-esteem will again be on an upward trend.

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