How to remove wrinkles to look good on Women's Day

How to remove wrinkles to look good on Women's Day

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The enemies of the complexion


Most signs of skin aging are caused by sun exposure. UVA rays are strong throughout the year, so use SPF products daily and apply them on moisturizing cream before makeup


Each cigarette smoke contains millions of free radicals that cause cell damage, eventually leading to wrinkles and bags under the eyes. Passive smoking is almost as passive, even if the smoke is not directly inhaled.


If you walk in the center or get stuck in traffic, pollution will attack your skin. Toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, irritate the skin, leading to the release of free radicals.

Antioxidant creams - green tea, grape seeds and vitamin E - counteract these harmful effects.

Skin allies

You can look ten years younger on the face, but the neck and the neckline are the first ones that make you empty. Don't forget to give them the same attention.
Vitamin-enriched moisturizing creams protect the skin from the action of free radicals, produced by pollution.
Exfoliates the skin periodically. The treatments for the care - from moisturizing creams, to the masks - give better results if they are applied on a smooth, well-cleaned skin.
You certainly know this, but don't overlook it, drink plenty of water. It helps the skin from the inside, making it look younger and more voluminous.
Make a movement, to improve circulation. Blood vessels on the surface of the skin nourish and oxygenate the tissues, giving the skin a healthy glow.

Remedies suitable for your age

Age: 20 years

Skin condition:

  • smooth, elastic and shiny up to 25 years, after which some signs of aging, generated by lifestyle, as well as stress, begin to appear.
  • Protection:

  • a cream with protective factor SPF 15 is an effective barrier against UV radiation, throughout the year.
  • prevention:

  • every night, apply a nourishing eye cream to regenerate the skin in this area - it is the place where the first fine lines appear.
  • Quick solutions:

  • A moisturizing cream or foundation that contains light-reflecting particles can shine a tired complexion.
  • Age: 30 years

    Skin condition:

  • more visible wrinkles, especially around the eyes and on the forehead; the skin loses its elasticity and needs more time to recover.
  • Protection:

  • day or night, it uses a vitamin C cream, which restores the skin, neutralizes free radicals, improves elasticity and softens fine lines.
  • prevention:

  • the skin becomes glossy as the cell recovery slows down. Exfoliation 2-3 times a week improves this process.
  • Quick solutions:

  • a treatment such as microdermabrasion or poor peeling confers glow and dampens skin pigmentation.
  • Age: 40 years

    Skin condition:

  • As estrogen levels drop, wrinkles appear more and more around the eyes, lips and forehead.
  • Protection:

  • a day cream with antioxidants helps the skin to act against the effects of free radicals, generated by pollution and UV rays and to recover more easily.
  • prevention:

  • you need an anti-wrinkle cream to increase collagen production; it helps smooth the existing wrinkles, restores the skin structure and restores its firmness.
  • Quick solutions:

  • Collagen infections smooth or "fill" the fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and lips.
  • Age: 50 years

    Skin condition:

  • prone to dehydration, the skin is left against the chin and cheeks, forming deep wrinkles and creases, especially in the eye area.
  • Protection:

  • Hormone replacement therapy can help dry skin, specific to menopausal women. It's time to turn to concentrated creams.
  • prevention:

  • Continue to use anti-aging creams and whenever you leave the house do not forget about SPF - your skin needs maximum protection.
  • Quick solutions:

  • a deeper peeling gives very good results - the aging, degraded and very wrinkled skin becomes smoother.