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Bland with your baby, but strong against bacteria

Bland with your baby, but strong against bacteria

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Bland with your baby, but strong against bacteria

Abi Solutions, invites you on Thursday, September 27, 2013 starting at 11:00 am at the launch of AQUAINT within the BabyExpo Fair at the Multipurpose Room. Come and test for FREE the first 100% natural, water-based disinfectant cleaning and disinfecting product, ideal for your baby and the whole family!

What is Aquaint?

AQUAINT is disinfectant water, a 100% natural revolutionary product, which destroys 99.9% of bacteria in just seconds. Strong enough to destroy microbes yet safe enough to be sprayed into the mouth. It can be sprayed on any surface or skin and does not require rinsing after use.

AQUAINT contains only two ingredients: water, which ensures the extremely high cleaning effect, and a natural acid (hypochlorous acid) produced by the human body to fight against bacteria and germs, which ensures its antibacterial properties.
AQUAINT is approved by ALLERGY UK (British Allergy Foundation) as a non-allergenic product!

Why is Aquaint different?

  • Contains no alcohol, noxious chemicals, preservatives or flavors;
  • DO NOT dry or irritate the skin;
  • DO NOT require rinsing after use;
  • DOES NOT present a danger of swallowing
  • It is delicate, powerful and extremely safe.

Where can Aquaint be used?

AQUAINT is UNIQUE because it can be used safely on the body (from birth) and on any surface, even those that come in contact with young children or babies mouth. It is ideal for sanitizing food, pacifiers, teething rings, nipples, baby bottles or other food products, breast pump, baby furniture or toilet seats. AQUAINT is so sure that it can be used in babies and does not present any danger of swallowing.
Available in 2 variants: for home, in a 500 ml spray container, and for walks and trips, in a 50 ml spray container.
More details and information on: or on the phone numbers: 021.408.61.61 / 0740.088.966.
You can also find us on the social pages: