The educational program De-has architecture in my city

The educational program De-has architecture in my city

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The educational program De-has architecture in my city

The architecture, cultural program of the Order of Architects in Romania, the Bucharest branch, in partnership with the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences.
Dear Parents,
Do you want for your children school courses that will put their creativity to work, to pay more attention to what is happening in their city and to discover the fascinating world of architecture?

For children it is a key to understanding and involvement in their living environment, a way to find out what gives them quality and how they can improve it now and later. It is a way to enrich their visual culture, learn a new vocabulary, encourage their creativity, curiosity, personal initiative, critical sense, communication skills and team spirit.
"The architecture in my city" is this course, now in the accreditation phase at the Ministry of Education and Research. For the 2013-2014 school year it can also be implemented at national level, in the counties of Brasov, Harghita, Covasna, Sibiu and Valcea.

The educational program benefits from a course support and a program written by architects and specialists in the field of education and attractive teaching materials. In this exploration in the world of architecture and built environment students will be accompanied by architects or student architects who are passionate about working with children.

In September, teachers and architects will participate in a training workshop. The workshop is organized by OAR Bucharest in partnership with the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences.

To find out more information about this educational program visit: and the page, where you will find pictures from the pilot course, which is in progress in 7 schools in Bucharest.

We invite you to propose this optional course to your child's teacher and school, for the 2013-2014 school year in the third and fourth grades. You can register your child's class by sending an email to [email protected], until 28.02.2013, specifying the contact details of you and the teacher of the class and the reason for the enrollment.
We are waiting for you!