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The most fun picnic of the summer, on June 24 and 25, at the Veranda Mall

The most fun picnic of the summer, on June 24 and 25, at the Veranda Mall

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The shopping center invites Bucharest to the urban festival, with a special program of shows and recreational activities

This summer the Veranda Mall sets the tone for the cheerfulness! On June 24 and 25, the shopping center organizes the most fun picnic of the summer, where Bucharest residents are expected to enjoy a real urban festival, with a thematic program, for two memorable vacation days.

On Saturday and Sunday, Veranda Mall announces the start of events starting at 12:00 and is waiting for all those who want a relaxing weekend in the amphitheater in front of the mall. The engaging music, the magic moments supported by Magitot, the delicious food and drinks, the sports activities, the creative workshops, the public competitions, are all the ingredients of a weekend full of memories.

"This summer we want to bring to Bucharest the opportunities for relaxation and leisure as attractive and in line with their expectations. Under the concept of a picnic, this weekend's event will be a real urban festival, the perfect setting where they can relax with their families, where they can meet with their friends and where they can spend quality time together in a program with dedicated recreational activities. We invite you to join us at the first edition of the Veranda Mall Picnic, an event that we intend to become one of this summer's tradition ”, says Maria Craciun, Center Manager Veranda Mall.

How will the locals enjoy themselves at the Veranda Mall Picnic?

On June 24 and 25, Veranda Mall will have a complete entertainment program:

Food & drinks area - Visitors to the mall will have special food and drinks in the area of ​​food & drinks, where Zaganu will bring cold and fresh beer, Tomi will give more flavor to the delicious sauces, and Algida will offer creamy ice cream, ideal for warm weather. In addition, at Blend Bar Becel the participants will learn from a cook how to make margarine, and then they will be challenged to register for the contests where the best sandwich will be designated.

Summer sports activities - Parents and children can participate in sports activities suitable for the summer season, such as badminton, table tennis, mini football, jumping rope. The best participants will be rewarded with attractive prizes. In addition, the asphalt in front of the mall will become the place where the little ones will put their imagination to the test for the most beautiful drawings with colored chalk.

Performances on the open stage - During the two days, the festival atmosphere will be provided by the bands of music and dance that will go on stage in front of the mall. Artists include the beloved Golden Star band, and the program will be completed by the well-known magician Magitot, who will support impressive magic numbers, both on Saturday and Sunday.

Creative workshops for families - At the Veranda Mall Picnic, families are invited to create original clothing items. On June 24 and 25, parents and children are expected to customize their shirts and hats at the creative workshops. The entries are made on the Facebook page of Veranda Mall, as well as at infodesk within the mall, until June 23, 2017. The workshops will take place every day between 12:00 and 18:00.

Girl games - During the two days, the little ones will enjoy the summer vacation and will be able to participate in facepainting sessions, soap ball games, while the mascots Vera and Tomi cel Viteaz will be with them with the most fun game ideas.

Inside the mall, children will have many interactive activities at the children's playground, where they will be able to collect points, to win lots of gifts from the Veranda Mall.

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