Salad of raw vegetables

Salad of raw vegetables

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The raw salad is the ideal snack for this season. Vegetables and vegetables are rich and, in addition, raw salad is also very healthy, especially since the body needs many vitamins during this time of year.

Preparation time

10 min




400 g carrots

400 g celery

800 g apples

2 eggs

300 ml oil

100 g lemon

20 g mustard



Method of preparation

Wash and clean vegetables and apples well. Then, toss the celery and carrots on the grating, and cut the apples into Julian slices.

From the yolks of eggs, oil and lemon juice, prepare a mayonnaise. Then mix mayonnaise with mustard and thin the composition with a little soda or mineral water.

At the end, mix the vegetables with mayonnaise and arrange the salad on the platter, then season with salt and pepper, according to taste.

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