Nicole Richie talks about her pregnancy

Nicole Richie talks about her pregnancy

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Actress Nicole Richie, aged 26, decided to talk about her pregnancy. In an interview with Hollywood Access magazine, Nicole Richie talks about rumors in the press, about how this experience changed and about the name of the child.

Because the future father does not want to know the sex of the child until birth, neither does Nicole Richie know if they will have a baby girl or a boy.
But the actress states that if it were after her she would have wanted to know, but she respected the wish of her future father. The baby should come to the world at the beginning of January next year.
Nor does the couple give details about the marriage. The actress declares that in the end they will also take this step but for the moment she considers that it has been quite a busy year of events.
Nicole says that when she found out she was pregnant she couldn't believe it and 5 pregnancy tests were needed to convince her.
His friend, Joel Madden, 28, heard the news that he will be a phone caller because he is in Europe on tour.
During the pregnancy, Nicole spent a lot of time with her family and realized how important the family is at this time.
The name of the child is a problem at the moment because it seems that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are unable to agree.
Instead, it looks like the future grandfather, the famous Lionel Richie, Nicole's father has prepared a lot of names for his nephew.
Gabriela Hotareanu
November 28, 2007