Natural immunity in babies

Natural immunity in babies

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Natural immunity in infants is very weak and limited for a short period of time. It is a well-known fact that babies born naturally have a stronger immune system than those born by caesarean section. Equally true is that babies fed as much as possible with breast milk develop a more "efficient" immune system than those fed with powdered milk.
Because their immune system is deficient, it is recommended to vaccinate babies according to the national scheme for mandatory vaccines. Vaccines, consisting of weak or dead bacteria, are injections or may be administered orally. Vaccines save hundreds of thousands of lives annually.
When a baby has not been fed breast milk, it takes about a month until he can develop an effective immune system. During this month, if the baby becomes ill, certain immunities may never develop because his or her system may be so overloaded with this microbe that he or she may start to believe that the virus is a normal thing. circulate through the blood.
Breast milk from the first days after birth is the most concentrated in nutrients and is called colostrum. This milk contains substances that will protect your baby from viruses. The concentration of immune factors in colostrum is higher than in the milk of more mature stages.
Breast milk also contains special nutrients called "prebiotics" that encourage the culture of "good bacteria" needed to develop the immune system. These good bacteria also contribute to the regulation of digestion.
If you cannot breastfeed your child or have chosen not to, you can strengthen the immune system by buying milk containing "prebiotics". This is very important especially for babies born by Caesarean section, who have a deficient immune system.
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