The benefits of olive oil for children

The benefits of olive oil for children

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Olive oil is a valuable food for the health and growth of children and can be introduced into their diet as young as possible. The list of the therapeutic and prophylactic properties of the oil continues to be completed today by the researchers, even though most of its miraculous effects have been proven since ancient times. This is why it is worth introducing the olive oil into the daily menu of your friends!

Source of essential fatty acids

Olive oil is an important source of fatty acids essential for your child's growth and development. They play an essential role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and in protecting the body against free radicals. Olive oil contains three types of essential fatty acids - Omega 3, 6 and 9 -, being one of the most important dietary sources for such nutrients.

It is part of the category of foods high in good fats, which prevent the increase of bad cholesterol in the blood and the risk of heart disease. This type of oil contains more calories than other types of similar products. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the quantities you enter in the child's menu.

The high calorie count can be beneficial for babies born prematurely, who need as much nutritional support as possible to regain weight lost at birth and return to normal growth for their age.

Source of vitamins and minerals

The composition of olive oil is rich in a variety of nutrients essential for the health of the child and its harmonious growth. Among the most important nutrients contained in olive oil are:

  • Vitamin A;
  • vitamin B;
  • vitamin D;
  • vitamin K;
  • Vitamin E.

Each of these nutrients has a particular role in the proper functioning of the body and in maintaining the health of the child. The main benefits of the body of the little one from the consumption of olive oil are:

  • improving vision and protecting eye health;
  • stimulating growth;
  • improvement of brain and nervous system functions;
  • protecting the health of the kidneys;
  • strengthening the immune system and protecting the body from infections;
  • strengthening the bone system and preventing calcium deficiencies;
  • improvement of digestion;
  • maintaining skin and hair health (speeds up the healing of skin irritations, eczema and allergies).

Source of antioxidants

In addition to essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, olive oil contains plenty of antioxidants that play an essential role in the growth and development of the little one. The main antioxidants in the composition of this type of oil are polyphenols.

As degeneration of the cardiovascular system and cells of the body begins at an early age, polyphenols play an essential role in combating this harmful effect caused by poor nutrition, high cholesterol and other predisposing genetic factors.

At what age can you introduce olive oil to your child's diet?

Although it is part of the category of foods with a low level of allergies and is easy to digest and tolerated by the body of the children, the doctors recommend the introduction of this food in the menu of children from the age of 6 months, but in small quantities (a quarter or a half teaspoon per day).

As it grows, your child's menu allows for an increase in the serving of olive oil, so that his body enjoys all its nutritional properties. Replace sunflower oil with olive oil in the preparations you cook for your child.

The natural antioxidants in the composition of olive oil also contribute to the prevention of cancer in the body. Even though they are young, children are not exempt from the risk of cancer, especially if there are predisposing genetic factors or if they have a weakened immune system.

Do you know any other benefits of olive oil for children? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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