Disney Junior prepares special programs for preschoolers

Disney Junior prepares special programs for preschoolers

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Near the most beloved children's season, Disney Junior has prepared a series of special programs that combine the unparalleled Disney stories and the characters loved by children, with the learning process - math, languages, nutrition and healthy lifestyles - as well as skills. social.

In addition, Disney Junior programs invite parents to join their children to experience Disney with magical, musical and natural stories and characters, while incorporating specific learning and development themes created for children ages 2-7. Disney Junior celebrates childhood by encouraging children to laugh, sing, dance and, most of all, have fun.

Here are some of these programs from November and December:

• "Guess who comes to play?" - Every Sunday in November and December, from 09:25 am, the little ones will have the chance to spend their day with one of their favorite stars, with marathons from Henry Dragomonstru, Zou, Doctor Plusica and many more. There will be clues to the identity of each surprise guest of the week, hidden in the program. Fans are invited to prepare for the big reveal on Sunday morning, when they will find out what marathon they will have to watch next week.

• "Mickey and Minnie's Birthday" - Little Nazdravans are invited to spend the anniversary of the most beloved Disney characters, with double episodes from the Mickey Mouse Club, as well as special episodes from the most beloved cartoons: Jake and Pirates of the Country Nowhere, Plus Doctorate, Henry Dragomonstru, Sofia First and Zou, on November 18, at 06:00.

• "Pirate Talk Day" - Jake, along with the pirates from Tara de Nicaieri, will teach the little ones the secrets of the pirate language and the coded language of their friends, in double episodes of Jake and the Pirates of Tara de Nicaieri, on Saturday, November 23, from 09:25.

• If jake teaches boys how to talk like pirates, Sofia teaches girls how to become worthy princesses from a place in the Enchanted Land, on the week of November 25-29, from 09:00, in episodes of Sofia First.

Then, December continues with new surprises for dwarves. The Disney Junior special program will include:

• "Art Attack", the show made from creative ideas, which shows that you don't have to be a great artist to be good at art, returns with the third season on Saturday, December 7, from 08:45 am. Every Saturday this month, all young viewers are given the chance to explore their creativity with new designs, which will allow them to fly on the moon in an astronaut costume made at home or to make their own crown in the episodes with Kings and Queens.

• "Mulan", a fabulous story set in a feature film, premieres on Saturday, December 7, at 10:25 am. This reinterpretation of the classic is an interesting and fun mix of adventure, humor and sincere emotion. Based on one of China's most popular legends, the film tells the story of a brave young woman who wants to save her old and sick father.

• Throughout Christmas week, Disney Junior has prepared a lot of surprises for fans of the "Jake and the Pirates from Nowhere" series. From Monday, December 23, until Friday, December 27, from 08:35, 13:00 and 20:00 will run double episodes that bring Jake in the most captivating rescue missions. Jake, Cubby and Izzy save the day! Then Saturday, December 28th, is the biggest day to spoil, with a new and special episode of Jake's Never Land Rescue, at 10:25.