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The desire of the girls to wear heels

The desire of the girls to wear heels

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All the little girls have at this point this stage where they want to imitate their mother in everything she does, but especially in what she wears. Fashion advertisements and pages show a new trend: lady-doll-like girls.

With the famous Suri Cruise on the pages of the world, little girls are starting to taste and want more and more such accessories. Are they to be encouraged or not in children?

The fact that the little girls want a lipstick, a peel or your heel shoes should not worry you. It is a normal stage of child development and represents the period of exploration and even sexual identification.

There is a tendency for young children to want to be as old as possible to do exactly what they see in their parents. The problem arises when the parents leave the prey to the third parties launched by the various fashion houses, brands and other manufacturers among children's products.

A few years ago there were only a few staples and a few bags specially designed for girls, and the shoes came out in color and accessories, not the size of the helmet or brand. Today, moms fall into the trap of marketing campaigns and do their best to keep their little ones in step with fashion, without thinking about the consequences that they attract on them.

They choose to buy all kinds of accessories and clothing elements that come out of the patterns of common sense and health just because they "wear". Not only is physical health endangered, but also its psychological evolution. Children spoiled by children with such accessories the latest craze develops an attitude that may leave desirable in the future.

The risks of wearing heels in small girls

If with the mother's mascara, lipsticks, and handbags, things seem to be simpler, as most baby products are pretty safe in terms of content and use, not the same can be said about baby shoes with heels.

These are the ones who give headaches to the specialists, who no longer know how to warn and warn their mothers about the risks. Children under 12 should not wear heeled shoes at all, but there are more and more moms who have been doing this since the age of 3.

Psychologists argue that a child must always be prepared to run, play and engage in activities that heels might limit. Under no circumstances should a 3-year-old girl look like a model on adult fashion magazines.

Heels that are more than 2 cm represent a very high risk for the health of the girls.

  • there is the risk of spraining the ankle;

  • puts pressure on the legs and back, which can lead to problems in their growth and development;

  • creates muscle tension in the legs;

  • there is a risk of bone fractures.

How should you do with the little girl when she asks for shoes with heels, lipsticks and accessories?

  • first of all you have to explain to them how it works with the adult and the child; why you have shoes with heels and she does not (because she is growing and needs to develop beautifully, while you are an adult and the heels do not endanger your health), why you give yourself with mascara or with lipstick etc .;

  • Don't impose a certain style on her, let her see what she chooses and why; if you think you make inappropriate choices, reorient them, but with a lot of patience and clear explanations (why not);

  • Raise your child in the spirit of common sense even in terms of clothing;

  • You cannot deprive her of the joy of living these things, even at her age, because you will create frustrations for her, but you can help her to use these products with measure; buy them lipsticks for children or other makeup products, but do not allow them full freedom to use them; adopts the compromise method.