What types of sounds help calm the baby?

What types of sounds help calm the baby?

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Sounds and music are often used to try to relieve crying in babies. Where no other method has paid off, moms have discovered that some sounds can be true "swing songs" and relaxation for children. Find out which are the most efficient types of sounds!

Tap water flowing

It seems that one of the most successful sounds among mothers was that of tap water flowing. This seems to remind them of the sounds of fluids in intrauterine life.


You may find that simply placing the baby near your chest so hearing the heartbeat could be of great help. The explanation would be the same as in the case of running water, because it reminds them of the safe environment in which they lived when they were in their mother's womb.

Sounds from nature

Whether you are looking for them online or buying a CD containing them it is good to have them around. They help relieve stress and induce a well-being on the child. Roxana_m, a reader and mommy from the community says that the sounds of whales or dolphins are quiet on her baby.


Long and monotonously repeat the "s" sound to help him calm down. Make it as close as possible to the little boy's ear. The sound itself, but also the warm voice of the mother are the perfect recipe to help the child feel more comfortable. It seems that sausage comes in the top 5 soothing sounds of the baby.


An unconventional method, but with great effect on babies, after more and more mothers declare. There are babies who are very frightened by this sound. But there are also children who love to hear it and for whom it is an effective comforting method. You can try to see what reaction your babies have. Be careful not to be an oversized volume, and if you can't control the volume, turn it off when you are a child.

Washing machine in operation

For other moms, the laundromats had another role besides washing clothes. It seems that they managed to attract the attention and interest of babies who could not stop crying. If that calms you, then spare some time next to the washing machine.

Freoning a melodic line

It doesn't have to be a swing song, but just a random humming of sounds. Children respond best to the voice of their parents, especially their mothers. You don't have to be talented or try to remember lyrics. Just improvise!

Hair dryer

I have heard more and more moms who have tried the hair dryer method in an attempt to successfully calm their baby. However, do not keep it very close to the child because it makes a very loud noise and it is good to avoid small accidents that may occur.

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