Top allergen foods in young children

Top allergen foods in young children

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Some banal foods in our diet can be a threat to the child's life. Without exaggeration, the specialists claim that ingesting some foods from the top of foods that cause allergies in children is a big risk that parents have to take. This does not mean that you should not try to give them any of these foods, but that you need to carefully monitor the reactions after you have swallowed a piece of them for the first time.


They are in the top of allergenic foods. And not only is it a known allergen, but it is also the most dangerous, which can very quickly cause anaphylactic shock and death. It occurs very often in young children and many of them manage to overcome their allergy in a few years, while others remain allergic to them all their lives.

It manifests as in many food allergies through atopic dermatitis, hives, asthma symptoms and even anaphylactic shock.


So far you have never heard of danger, but it is responsible for the appearance of oral allergy syndrome (a less known condition), which causes the body to interpret some fruits and vegetables as pollen.

Celery is one of those high-risk vegetables for allergies and gives rise to symptoms such as swelling around the mouth or hives.


Susan can cause an allergic reaction so strong that it can give birth to anaphylactic shock and cause death. Experts say that sesame is not yet, but it will be put on the list of foods with a high degree of triggering allergies.

Cow milk

Yes, milk, a food so essential to raising children, is considered to be one of the hyperalergenic foods worldwide. It has been estimated that almost 2% to 5% of children have allergic reactions to cow's milk before they turn 1 year old. Most young children manage to overcome the problem in a few years, not being one of those foods for which you have been allergic all your life.


One of the healthiest foods is also a product in the top of foods that cause allergies in children. But in most cases, children are allergic to either albino or yellow, only in exceptional cases in both. Therefore, if it is identified to which component of the two of the egg the allergic child can eat the other without problems.

Allergic reactions are specific and atopic dermatitis, hives, allergic rhinitis or anaphylactic shock may occur.


In general, fish is considered a food that causes allergies. It still seems that salmon and cod are two types that produced more allergic reactions than others. However, if your little one is allergic to a type of fish it is very likely to be allergic to many, maybe even all, so it is good to be very careful and do more research in this regard.


Soybean is an extremely healthy food and recommended in the diet of any person. That is, if she is not allergic to it. It has long been used as a substitute for cow's milk (which many children were allergic to), but ironically today it has become one of the top 8 foods that cause the most allergic reactions in children.


Allergy to wheat and by default to wheat flour often occurs in childhood and includes specific symptoms: hives, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, etc. It is very difficult to avoid in the diet because it is part of many products commonly consumed as bread, cereals, pastries, pastries and even sauces and soups.

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