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Weakness after birth, practical tricks tested by mothers

Weakness after birth, practical tricks tested by mothers

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Weakness after birth removes white hairs from many fresh mothers. The advice of the specialists is useful, but it seems better and more efficient are the tricks of other moms who have already gone through this process of body reshaping and know exactly what their weaknesses and difficulties are and how to overcome them. Here are weight loss tricks from moms who have regained their figure!

Find a room that also has a playground for children!

You want a lot to go to the room, but you have no one to leave the baby with! Find out that there are gyms that have developed a special wing for children's play or even for sports dedicated to them. More and more moms are starting to discover and enjoy them!

Set up a short workout program at home!

It does not have to be complex nor follow complicated directions: establish a number of genuflections, one of abdomens and flotations, scissors and twists and make a small program of 15 minutes daily. When to put it into practice? When the baby is sleeping, obviously!

Long and frequent rides ... with the stroller!

Shoot several rabbits at once with the baby on a walk: relax, air, baby will probably fall asleep in the carriage, and you lose weight without extra effort!

Do not call for drugs and restrictive diets!

Many moms are so busy with the care of their newborn and with other worries that the list of questions about the recovery of the figure is usually forgotten or left behind. Thus, mothers tend to resort to the most harmful weight loss drugs and restrictive diets that can endanger their lives. Ask your doctor for advice before going on any diet that promises you will drop a large number of pounds in record time and before you swallow teas or medicines that can threaten your health.

Write down what you eat and drink, the diet diary!

You would be amazed to find out how much unnecessary eating and drinking during a day, unconscious. Many moms said that only after they started keeping a diet diary did they really begin to realize that they are eating some food without the fuss. They thus began to cut back on the number of calories daily and began to lose weight. When you see black and white writing about how much you eat, you will have a tendency to start cutting because you will want to see the number of calories decrease. This will motivate you!

Cheats tested by moms in the community for postpartum weakness

Crocodile: I weakened after both tasks with a combination that also contained green tea: a cup of tea made from an envelope of green tea and one of non-stick tea - I think it was the weakest cure for weight loss, but the rule is you drink the tea with sanctity daily, without skipping ... it regulates your metabolism, you feel good (in the first days it is possible to have some cramps, until the intestinal transit is regulated, so it is good to start with the tea drink Friday evening, to have time until Monday ...).

Mgm: I used cabbage soup (you may have heard of it), and in the rest, many fruits (before lunch) and vegetables, without sweets and pastries and without eating in the evening after 19. Focus on the barbecue and salads and especially do not starve! (when you are hungry try to snack vegetables - eg carrots). Breakfast should be the richest meal, then lunch - balanced, and dinner - easy. You drink plenty of fluids - water, tea and necessarily make a move. The sport is irreplaceable - if you do not have time to go to the gym or jog, try at home - I open the window in the morning and do some exercises for 10-15 minutes. I feel much better after and it helps. It also helps a lot in the outdoors, of any kind. And last but not least the massage - you can massage the areas that "bother" you with any cream. These worked for me.

Andra_Mihu: As long as you are breastfeeding you will not be able to lose weight, because the body tends to make "reserves" to ensure that lactation is stimulated. Moreover, it is not advisable to keep diets during this period, because the quality of the milk will suffer. All you can do is move in any form - walking, running, aerobics, jumping rope, swimming etc. Avoid sweet, carbonated drinks (juices) and sweets. You will have time to lose weight after you stop breastfeeding.

Diana_Clara: I recommend to drink unsweetened and warm tea on non-food and small swallows (not too hard, because the plant does not work anymore), or the hot water. The teas are drunk by rotation. As a rule, a mixture of teas is used for 2 weeks, followed by another mixture.
It is advisable to eat 1 and 2 dishes (soup and ...). Meal 3, Sweets are eaten before lunch, or at other times of the day. Fruit is recommended to be consumed only in the morning.
Therefore, teas before any food, the water paid after any food, and throughout the day.

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