Pregnancy diet?

Pregnancy diet?

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Slimming diets are part of the lifestyle of many women and many do not give up on them even when trying to conceive a baby, when they are pregnant or after birth. Especially when they become pregnant, future moms want to maintain their body weight and appearance as pleasant as possible. Many believe that the diet will diminish the "image shots" given by pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, and that they will remain in shape. In fact, they endanger their face and health, say the specialists!

How Much Weight Should You Take In Pregnancy?

If you are normal weight you have to gain weight as you are pregnant about 14 kilograms. If you are underweight you can go up to 16, and if you are overweight you should take less than 14 kilos, on average about 10-13. These are the normal parameters in which you have to fit until the end of pregnancy and from which the baby will evade all the necessary nutrients and everything else he needs to reach the optimum weight.

These extra pounds are not only made up of the weight of the fetus and fat layers, as many moms think. The placenta, the expansion of the uterus and the enlargement of the breasts also increase in weight.

Is diet recommended during pregnancy?

Doctors do not recommend dieting while you are pregnant. The reason is that when you lose weight, you restrict the body's access to certain nutrients, which can lead to starvation of the fetus, as well as yours.

Regardless of your weight before pregnancy, doctors say that the idea of ​​a diet during pregnancy is not a good idea. Even if you are on the threshold of obesity it is not advisable to lose weight during this period.

If you are suffering from mild obesity, the doctors' recommendation is to gain weight throughout the pregnancy only 7 kilograms. But they must be carefully dispersed throughout the course of pregnancy and controlled with the help of the doctor. This will help you create a balanced eating plan that will help you stabilize your weight as you are pregnant, but which will not lack any essential nutrients for growing your baby.

Risks of diet during pregnancy

Specialists claim that if you get pregnant thinking you need to lose weight, you will starve yourself without realizing it and endangering your health. Rather, your health will be affected than that of the fetus, the doctors say, because the girls are quite "skilled" in procuring the necessities of your body, weakening it considerably and suspecting many risks of illness.

In addition, there is a risk that the baby will not gain enough weight or develop properly due to the fact that it has no place to get the nutrients needed for development if your body is deprived of them due to poor or incorrect nutrition or nutrition. this period.

How do you control weight during pregnancy?

Rather, say the specialists, it would be advisable to pay more attention to the signals of your body during pregnancy and not to abuse any appetite or food, just because you are pregnant and you are allowed.

For example, during pregnancy you will experience multiple times when you will crave something sweet or you will be hungry continuously. This effect is caused by the blood sugar level which drops considerably between meals and gives you the impression that you are hungry. Do not abuse any food and choose only healthy and low calorie foods.

In no case should you adopt the "eat for two" principle as it is only a myth. Talk to your doctor about what you can do to maintain your weight during pregnancy. He may suggest a visit to the nutritionist for more details on weight control and the proper weight method, but only after the baby is born.

The advice of the doctors is to approach in another way the pregnancy and the kilos. Instead of thinking about how to lose weight when you are pregnant, you should better focus on developing healthy eating habits that will become a permanent lifestyle and help you shed more pounds after the baby is born.

Even the movement should not be forgotten, the sport is beneficial, but not in excess and in no case achieved in order to lose weight. You have to consider other benefits of sport in pregnancy.

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