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The right books for preschoolers, how do we choose them?

The right books for preschoolers, how do we choose them?

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There are many books that are recommended for preschoolers, but are still useless in their development. When you go with a child to a bookstore, on what criteria do you buy a book? Most parents argue that they take especially those that the children put their eyes on and have a decent price. There are other rules that you must follow to instill in your child the pleasure of reading and the love of books!

He always chooses books appropriate to his age

Look after the bookshelf in the bookstore dedicated to preschoolers. Do not get the impression that all are relevant and necessary for the child, even if they are for his age. Each child is unique, has different interests and talents than other children. It is advisable to buy books that stimulate your current interests. This way you cultivate your passions and your little one will be more interested in reading them and exploring them carefully!

Orient yourself to books with many illustrations and less text

At this age, children are still fascinated by colors and images. They will also look for these features in books, otherwise they will not pay attention to them. What is important is that the story is "told" largely in pictures, rather than in words. Think of them as just learning to decipher the letters now. In no case are they able to read, so at least enjoy the pictures when you read them!

Also, the language should be as clear and simple as possible. Children are not able to process many broken words. They fail to pay too much attention to something, and if I don't understand much of what you say, you will lose interest from the beginning of the book.

Avoid books that have been discriminatory

Even if it seems hard to believe, there are books for children that transmit discriminatory messages through their content. These are the stories in which characters, groups of people or peoples are disadvantaged on the grounds of race, religion, sex, etc. Although it will hit stereotypes in everyday life, it is not the case to learn from books as well.

Choose poetry books

Children love the rhythm of rhymes, the way words are associated and resemble when reading poetry. It is a challenge and a thrill for them to try to anticipate words in certain lyrics, after reading their poetry several times.

Choose books that respond to the child's curiosities

At very young age children are very curious and eager to experience as many things as possible. They will also go through this age of questions, in which they will overwhelm you with all kinds of issues. Therefore, it is advisable to orient yourself according to the cartics that respond to the majority of them in a manner close to their age.

Buy books with educational role

It is possible for the child to relax when reading stories, but also to learn things that help him in education. There are plenty of books that have a moral and teach children good manners and other life lessons.

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