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Antistress foods in pregnancy

Antistress foods in pregnancy

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What you eat during pregnancy affects not only your body and baby's tummy, but also your mood. You can help yourself with some foods to lower the stress level considerably and to relax and enjoy the pregnancy in the most wonderful way. Here are some food ideas that give you an excellent psychic tone during pregnancy!


And in general, berries are strongly recommended during pregnancy. Blueberries have the role of strengthening the immune system and energizing the body, removing the feeling of fatigue and apathetic state.


Banana contains a complex of nutrients that have the role of inducing a well-being and effectively fighting stress.

Vitamin B6 helps transform tryptophan (and this is contained in them) into serotonin, which provides a good tone.


There are some foods that have the role of secreting the so-called "happiness hormone". They have a high content of vitamin B, E, zinc and magnesium, all contributing to the strengthening of the body in the fight against stress.

Black chocolate

The higher the content of cocoa (over 70%) and the lower the sugar, the more useful it is to give you an optimistic tone. It is rich in flavonoids, substances that have relaxing properties. It also contains fenitalamine, a chemical that improves mood.

Specialists claim that if you eat only 50 grams of dark chocolate daily, for 2 weeks, your cortisol (stress hormone) levels drop considerably.

Whole grains

The carbohydrates contained in cereals stimulate serotonin secretion in the brain and have a calming effect. They also have vitamin B and also provide extra energy, as well as resistance of the immune system against various diseases.


Fish is first and foremost a source of Omega 3 fatty acids and they have an antistress effect, but the B-complex (vitamins B6 and B12 in particular) make it an essential food to maintain well-being. Vitamin B12 helps the synthesis of serotonin to the full. Let's not forget that a deficiency of vitamin 12 leads to depression.

Pay attention to the consumption of fish during pregnancy. Avoid fish rich in methylmercury and do not consume more than 340 grams per week.

Green vegetables

I am a reservoir of vitamin B, but also of folic acid, which helps reduce stress and combat depression during pregnancy. You can opt for broccoli, spinach, green salad, asparagus and other vegetables that are accented with green. The greener the better!

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