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The role of the game in preschoolers

The role of the game in preschoolers

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Play is one of the most important and recommended methods of educating children. When baby is a game, it is a form of communication and stimulation of imagination and creativity or a way of developing language. At the preschool age, when the little ones have already developed an important part of the language and other skills, the role of the game changes and makes the transition to the school period, establishing the foundation of learning.

Play is an essential way of developing more abilities of the child. There are a lot of benefits to playing at preschool:

  • further stimulates creativity and imagination;

  • learns to think and solve certain problems;

  • develop personality;

  • helps the social development of the child;

  • it is an important educational tool, etc.

Jeye and physical development of preschoolers

The game also has the quality to help the child's physical development, growth process. Specialists argue that at preschool age it is essential to promote outdoor play and movement games in children. These allow them freedom of movement and help strengthen the muscles, strengthen the bones and consume extra energy.

The development of fine motor skills is done with the help of skill games and those requiring hands control. These are meant to help the child write more easily when they learn this.

Playing and developing the language of preschoolers

By the age of 3-4 years, the children developed a large part of the vocabulary, knowing about 1000 words. But now is the time when it is fixed and learns new vocabulary elements, as well as how to use it. By the end of the pre-pre-term period, the child's vocabulary will accumulate around 4000 words.

Interactions with adults, communication and storytelling are important during this period to help its development. Already the little boy must speak correctly and clearly and be able to express his feelings through words.

The games most indicated at this age are those in which you stimulate the child to speak and use the language as much as possible.

The game and the cognitive development of preschoolers

The preschool age is essential for the formation of the learning base for the school period. It focuses on learning new skills. They learn how to use language, how to associate it with activities and develop their memory, thinking, etc. By choosing the right games, cognitive development can be intensely promoted and children can develop problem solving skills, which are the foundation for a happy and successful life at maturity. Role playing, puzzles, rhymes, dolls play are useful in this regard.

The game and the social development of preschoolers

This is done in particular through games that involve rules. At preschool age, the child is able to follow rules and get involved in games that are based on them.

Also, group games help the child to become a sociable person. He thus learns the importance of team spirit, partnership, cooperation, respect etc.

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