Puree fruits and vegetables in baby nutrition

Puree fruits and vegetables in baby nutrition

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Some doctors recommend, depending on the needs of the baby, start diversification with simple fruits and vegetables in the form of puree.

Fruits or vegetables first?

As with any question parents ask, there is not a single correct answer. Experts recommend vegetables first, because infants are more accepting of vegetables after getting used to fruits.

Ask the doctor what is best for your baby.

Baby puree recipes, tested by mothers

Baby recipes 6-7 months

Pumpkin puree with tassel

Vegetable puree

Mashed potatoes with beets

Mashed potatoes and apple

Mashed potatoes with pumpkin

Crispy puree

Puree with pumpkin and egg yolk

Pea puree with carrot and potato

Banana puree and avocado

Mashed potatoes with chicken and celery or gooseberries

Mashed potatoes with cauliflower and zucchini

Pumpkin puree with green beans and pickles

Avocado puree with peach

Puree of cauliflower and broccoli

Watermelon puree

Baby recipes 7-8 months

Banana puree with rice and yogurt

Mashed potatoes with broccoli and chicken liver

Piopide of cauliflower

Potato puree and pumpkin with chicken liver

Avocado puree and plum

Mashed potatoes with carrots and yogurt

Ripe apple puree with figs

Pumpkin puree with carrot and beef

Red beet cub with potato and yellow

Broccoli puree buckwheat and beef

Potato puree with red and yellow

Baby recipes 8-9 months

Pure Mimosa

Apple puree with chicken

Spinach puree with meat

Potato puree with broccoli

Mashed potatoes with spinach

Baby recipes 9-10 months

Carrot apple puree and chicken

Baby recipes 1 year +

Fruit puree with biscuits and cereals

Mashed potatoes with pumpkin and fig

Peaches puree with chicken

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