How do you display your child's artwork?

How do you display your child's artwork?

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Inborn talent or not, your little kid will surely make some childhood masterpieces of art from brush and watercolors or cariocis.

As it grows, their number is no longer contained and it is necessary to find solutions to expose them through the house. Each drawing of the child is for you a masterpiece and can nominate in the category "the most beautiful of all".

But you can't expose them all. It is important to establish a selection criterion. You can even ask the prince to choose a certain number of drawings to be displayed in the house. Here are some ideas you can expose, but also make the most of his creations!

Turn them into postal view!

Some of them can be exploited and transformed into views or postcards for loved ones. It is a nice and original method by which the child can send greetings to relatives and other acquaintances located far away from home.

Post them on the fridge door!

It's time to drop the magnets or post-it with recipes and other messages and start "dressing" the refrigerator door in the best craft or greeting cards or drawings out of the hand of your child. Choose medium-sized, not very large drawings and put them in the right place.

You can suggest to the child and drawing themes that match the location where the fridge is located. The little one will be further boosted when he sees his creations on display.

Share them with your grandparents or relatives!

If the grandparents of the child complain that they do not have many pictures or that they do not have news from the child or that they cannot spend too much time with him, here is a good method by which he can keep in touch with them. You can suggest to the child to draw to the grandparents the family, which they learned lately in school, where there were other creations to their liking. They will be delighted.

Frame some of them and turn them into pictures!

Obviously you can not hang on all the walls pictures with the drawings of the little ones. But you can frame the most important of them, which marks certain events: his first drawing ever, the first congratulations, etc. You can hang them on a wall "of merits" in his room, where you can still put diplomas, prizes and other rewards he received in his childhood and that honor them.

Take them to public exhibitions for children!

Exhibitions of children's drawings are often organized for various purposes. Some are organized for charitable purposes, others have stakes, being prize contests. Therefore, do not sit on your thoughts and enroll the child in such events. It is a generous and fun way to expose the child's masterpieces. Print them on clothes and other clothing items!

If your little one is really talented or you just want to personalize their clothes or school bag or bag, then stop thinking. Choose meaningful and valuable drawings or let him choose and go to a specialized center where he prints.

Turn them into plastic supports for plates, mugs, etc.!

Plastic table stands are very fashionable now, especially for children when eating at the table. So here's another idea to expose your child's paintings. Print them on such supports or even on a plastic table top. Your little one will be delighted. Put them on your computer desktop!

Scan them and turn them into wallpaper for your computer or laptop! Whether it is your computer or your child, it will be honored at every opening and it is a nice and pleasant way to exhibit such masterpieces. Scan more and change them from time to time!

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