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Top parabens-free products for you and your baby

Top parabens-free products for you and your baby

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Parabens are chemical preservatives or E's that are found in most cosmetics and care products for both children and mothers. Specialists have associated parabens with an increased risk of breast cancer or endocrinological imbalances in children. All of these harmful effects have caused the cautious moms to go on the hunt for parabens-free care products.

I asked left and right, I read the opinions of moms who have tested parabens without products and I have extracted some top products, tested by moms, to recommend you:

Drink powder without talc

Green Baby's baby powder not only does not contain parabens, but it is also talc-free - another controversial ingredient and debated by specialists as having harmful effects on the health of your baby. Instead, this powder contains blue, starch, white clay, organic lavender essential oil, organic chamomile essential oil, linalool. Price: 54 lei

Urtkram body lotion It is created only from 100% natural ingredients and is dedicated to people with sensitive skin. Also, people suffering from allergies or asthma can easily use this lotion. Contains apricot, palm oil, olive oil and jojoba, shea butter and citrus extract.

Manufacturer: Casabioeco Price: 50 lei

Ultra-protective emulsion SPF 30 for children

The honeymoon season is becoming more and more present, and the sensitive skin of children should be protected from the appearance of the first rays of the sun. The ultra-protective emulsion from Farmec protects, regenerates and hydrates the skin of the little ones only through the content of natural filters. It does not contain parabens, oxybenzone, paraffin oil, dyes or alcohol and also has a hypoallergenic formula. Price: 29.00 lei

Baby body lotion

It is a certified organic lotion, moisturizing, which absorbs quickly into the skin and takes care of the delicate and very sensitive skin of the baby. It does not contain parabens and other chemicals, but is rich in extracts of aloe vera and orange blossoms.

Manufacturer: Organic cosmetics David's Price: 31 lei

Nourishing cream for women

The nourishing cream from the Jericho range is created from natural ingredients, specifically from Dead Sea minerals and has the advantage of restoring the skin's natural balance, stimulating cell regeneration. It is practical, because it is recommended for any type of skin and does not contain parabens. Price: 49 lei

Wet towels without chemicals

Wet towels are essential in baby care. They come into contact with the sensitive skin of the child and must take care of it. This role is played by wet towels without chemicals that contain only natural ingredients. They are treated with almond oil, hazelnuts, yellows and rose petals and have a calming and disinfecting effect while taking care of your baby's skin. Price: 52 lei

Bath emulsion for children with chamomile

Bath emulsion for babies is a lightweight formula that takes care of their skin without irritating or drying it. It is delicate and protective and manages to clean the surface of the skin from impurities, nourishing and moisturizing it at the same time. It does not contain parabens, but only vegetable oils and panthenol, wheat germ extract and chamomile. Price: 35 lei

Exfoliating anti-cellulite shower cream

Almost all women have problems with cellulite, whether it occurs on larger or narrower areas of their body. Here is a product specially created against it, without parabens and other harmful chemicals. Cellulight is an exfoliated shower cream that contains natural ingredients like guarana, olives and vitamin E and has a strong anti-cellulite effect. Price: 14.9 lei

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