Parenting through the eyes of the child. Parenting conference with Jody Pawel and Urania Cremene

Parenting through the eyes of the child. Parenting conference with Jody Pawel and Urania Cremene

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Supported by the World of MOMO

February 22, 2014

Do you remember what it was like to be a child, what did you feel then and what were your needs? How were your relationships with your parents? Are there memories that bring you joy or that you would rather forget?

Childhood strongly influences our adult life and then our parent's life. And the strong emotions and feelings we still have today, because they will help us:

  • Let's better understand what's going on inside our child
  • Let's choose not to repeat patterns of behavior inherited from the past
  • Let us know what the child is asking us and how to respond to his emotional needs
  • To help our child to trust us and to cooperate in different situations
  • Let's help our child be heard, seen and felt safe
  • Let's learn to reopen to connect with family, friends and community

The child has the ability to transform our lives, puts us to the test, pressing all the "buttons" of our limits ...

But at the same time, the child has the power to teach us the greatest life lessons we will ever learn. From the child we learn to integrate in our lives spontaneity, originality, ethical awareness, empathy and also from him we learn to rediscover the wonder, to cultivate our joy and innocence, to connect to ourselves and to the world through play and play.

The child teaches us to find beauty where we least expect it.

On February 22, 2014, Urania Cremene, Expert Parent's Toolshop Romania and Momo's World invite you to meet Jody Johnston Pawel - the parent of the Parent's Toolshop methodology, the world leader in parent education - at the national conference "Parenting through the eyes of the child".

By attending this conference you will have the chance to find out from one of the most esteemed parenting experts in the world - Jody Pawel - how you can strengthen your relationship with your own child, how you can stay connected to each other, or how you can find the way to reach he without coercive methods, supporting him to grow independently, responsibly and with self-esteem.

"I want freedom - my people want me responsible" - about how to raise an independent and responsible child, and "Mommy, Dad, I won't be a girl my whole life. How will I be as a woman?" - about how to grow a girl who becomes a woman fulfilled and confident in her own person - are the two modules of the conference, supported by Jody Pawel and Urania Cremene, during the 9 hours of presentations and discussions.


8.45 - 9.15 Registration of participants

9.15 - 9.45 Opening of the conference - Jody Pawel and Urania Cremene

9.45 - 13.30 "I want freedom - mine will be responsible" - about how to raise an independent and responsible child

13.30-14.30 Lunch

14.30-18.30 "Mommy, Dad, I won't be a girl all my life. How will I be as a woman?" - about how to grow a girl, to become a fulfilled and confident woman in her own person

Facilities for each participant

Summary of information and techniques for each module in the conference

Simultaneous English-Romanian, Romanian-English translation

Coffee breaks and lunch

Kids Corner - a playground for children in the immediate vicinity of the conference room

Mommy Corner - Breastfeeding space for mothers in the conference room

50% discount from the standard rate for the second parent

10% discount for the Intensive Parenting Course (post conference)

Participation rates and conditions

1. Full Day Conference - 390 lei / person (participation in both modules, lunch, coffee breaks included) - February 22, 2014

2. Half Day Conference - 250 lei / person (participation in a module, coffee break included)

3. Dinner with Jody Pawel (February 21, 2014, 6:30 pm) - 150 lei

4. Special conference package + dinner - 490 lei / person

5. Special price for the second parent: 50% discount from the standard rate

Registration for the conference or secondary events can be done only by completing the form, existing on

For special situations, please contact us at [email protected]